Redeem a voucher

Now choose a charity! There are thousands of charities to choose from and they cover a huge range of good causes. You could choose: an international charity, a national charity, or even a small local charity. It could be a charity focussing on: health, poverty, homelessness, the environment, animals, the arts, international aid, or something else altogether. If the charity you want to help isn’t one of those on the drop-down list below, select ‘Other’ from the list and then just enter the charity’s name in the box.

Charities must be Registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales, or be on the Scottish Charities Register or the Northern Ireland Register of Charities.

Note: Charity Vouchers are only for use as donations and cannot be used in exchange for goods or services.

This is the quickest and easiest way to donate your voucher. Simply fill in the form below.

If you work for a charity and are redeeming a voucher for that charity please click on ‘Redeem vouchers online (charity use only)’ instead.

Note: all fields marked with an asterisk need to be completed.

Please enter your voucher number below

Charity Voucher numbers are 8-digits long and begin with the number 2. We are not able to process CAF vouchers.

If your voucher came with a Freepost envelope, simply write the name of the charity you want to donate to onto the front of the voucher, pop it in the envelope and post it back to us. There is no need to use a stamp.

For printable vouchers, our Freepost address is printed on the voucher. The address is

Charity Vouchers
6 The Pightle
Burnham Thorpe
PE31 8HT

Just write this clearly on the front of an envelope and then do the same as for a standard voucher. There is no need to use a stamp.

You don’t have to add your name and email address but, if you do, it means we can contact you in the event of any query and also that we can send you an email confirmation after the payment has been made.

Vouchers can also be redeemed by calling us on Freephone 0800 652 3185 or 01328 730530, during normal office hours. From outside the UK please call 0044 1328 730530.

Vouchers can also be passed directly to the Registered Charity you want to give to. The text on the voucher explains to the charity how to contact us themselves to redeem the voucher. We will then make payment to the charity for the full face-value of the voucher.

  • Voucher & Charity Details

    Note: all fields marked with an asterisk need to be completed.
  • Add additional numbers, click the + symbol above
    Only one voucher number per box
  • Direct Payment Option

    Making a direct bank transfer helps us to keep our costs to a minimum and is the fastest and most secure way to make payments. We will email you to confirm when the payment has been made.
  • (Please give the exact account name so that our bank is able to match it using the newly-introduced 'Confirmation of Payee' checks)
  • Cheque Payment Option

    Alternatively, if you would prefer us to post you out a cheque (made out in the name of your Charity), please complete the following...
  • Include any additional information you deem applicable

Confirmation: When vouchers are redeemed directly with us, if we have contact details we will send out an email as soon as the donation has been sent just to confirm that payment has been made. The email will include how and when we made the payment, a donation reference number if we get one from the charity, and any message of thanks that has been given.

Happy redeeming!